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How natural are Boldly Basics products?

Ingredients chosen are mainly extract from natural sources, ingredients derived from natural sources glycerine-based solvent, harmless synthetic ingredient may be added at bare minimal if required to provide certain function that is necessary.

Are Boldly Basics products handmade?

Our products are all manufactured in GMP cosmetic certified facilities in Malaysia and were notified to the Health Ministry of Malaysia (KKM). Rest assured, the formulation, ingredients, bottling and labelling are all from us.

For country that allow homemade skincare such as but not limited to the United States of America and Australia, under certain circumstances will be provided with handmade batches.

Is Boldly Basics an eco-friendly brand?

We would not consider ourselves as 100% eco-friendly as we do use plastic bottles for the travel size products (for the convenience and light weight when travelling) and the cleanser (so that it did not slip and fall in the bathroom), and certain cap/cover of the bottle are made of plastic.


Other than the above mentioned, we are doing our best to have it eco-friendly as much as possible by not using vacuum plastic wrap, use of glass bottle and cloth/ canvas bag.

How long does it take to see or feel the difference for natural skincare?

Ideally 28 days as that is the minimum amount it takes for our skin cycle to regenerate and shed, however, surprisingly you may see the result within 1-2 weeks and even the next day in some cases!


However, we do suggest that not to use any product that contain emulsion ie. cream, lotion, gel cream etc. for the actual effect.

What is the shelf life of Boldly Basics products?

Generally, oil-based products can last for 3 years and 2 years for water-based products. However, in order to get the optimum condition of the products, it is recommended to use it within 1-2 years and once open best use it within 6 months.

What is the shipping and return policy?

The shipping and return policy will be stated at the dropdown on the each of the product page.

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